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Each year Children’s Aid assists 250 families by providing them with a Thanksgiving feast. With the help of the community, CAS helps families to have a happy thanksgiving. Each basket includes every part of a Thanksgiving meal ranging from the turkey to the dessert.


Every year different groups pack all 250 bags to give back to the community. In 2022 we partnered with Modern Door's Bill Dotson and Staff, Food Lion Store #1184 and Spectra (formerly NRLFCU).  Each year we work with St. Peter's Church by cross-referencing lists to make sure we are assisting as many families as possible. 

In 2022 Food Lion Store #1184 went above and beyond for this project. They sold items for our baskets at their registers to donated to us. They were able to donate many of the items including: vegetables, stuffing, potatoes, fruit, dessert mixes, and macaroni & cheese.


Signups for our 2023 event will begin in November. Documentation is required to receive a basket. 

Volunteers are needed for this project on the Day of Distribution. If you are interested in volunteering for the day of distribution please feel free to give us a call, 301-645-1561. 

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